Wooga hoping to establish Diamond Dash on the iOS platform

May 30, 2012

The German game developer Wooga has already celebrated huge success on Facebook. Given the growth of the social mobile sector, however, Wooga knew it had to make some changes to its business strategy. As such, the company is working on releasing tablet and smartphone versions of its already popular games. The huge Facebook success Diamond Dash will be a key player in this endeavor and the company is hoping to introduce this particular game to the iOS platform in the very near future.

Making important changes to Diamond Dash

Diamond Dash

Diamond Dash for iPad and iPhone

However, the game developer team at Wooga also knew that Diamond Dash would never be successful on iOS unless they made some changes to the game, such as overhauling its user interface. Given the different demands that a mobile device poses compared to a computer screen, the company wanted to make sure that the game would always look good and be suited to the use on any such device.

But even with the newest version of the game, Wooga still wanted to stay connected with its Facebook roots, wherefore the game is designed so as to get as many users as possible to log into Facebook. And Wooga has concrete goals in mind. Instead of the roughly 30 percent of users that would log on, Wooga wants to get over 60 percent of its users to do so. In order to accomplish this task, the company is using incentives and will grant the player new lives, for example, when logging into Facebook.

So far, Wooga’s strategy seems to pay off, as the game steadily occupies a place I the top 100 game charts for the US market. Encouraged by this success, Wooga plans to further expand its mobile business sector to reap even more financial benefits in the long run. Given that there are only 3 software engineers that are needed to keep the iOS version of Diamond Dash up and running, this is a sustainable way of doing business for Wooga.

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